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New Gametag and All games function
  • by BLaKe on 12.02.2023 - 11:21
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    New Gametag and All games function Sunday, 12. February 2023 - 11:21


    You finally have the possibility to display games independent of categories and even search them with our new gametag feature. 

    We have been adding gametags to games for a long time when installing games, for example to display the "Similar games" function above the games. Now you can also search specifically for gametags. 
    Unfortunately, only a fraction of games are gametagged. This means that we will need some help from people who will assign gametags. You can see it for example in the games where no "similar games" are suggested to you. There, unfortunately, the game has not yet been assigned a gametag. 

    But we will come to you later in a separate topic.

    You can find the whole thing in our arcade search. 

    If you do not enter a game name and simply click on Go, all games on our site will be displayed. 
    If you choose only gametags you will be shown all games that have been gametagged.
    Of course you can still search by game name. 

    I hope you find this feature useful because now you don't have to search all categories one by one to find your desired game type.

    For example, it is also useful that you can now sort all games completely by Jackpot, Played and so on.

    There will also be more gametags added or others changed.

    greetz: BLaKe

    Edit: By the way, I also reworked the picture view of our 3 Arcadestyles. A look is worthwhile.

    Update 20.07.2021 21:29

    There was an error with the function when you want to display all games now everything works without problems.

    Update 12.02.2023 11:21

    The speed of accessing all games has been increased by more than 60%.

    I have optimized the code a lot.

    You should definitely notice a difference when you switch back and forth on the pages.
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